Workshop on Food Justice


Fourth Annual Workshop On Food Justice and Peace: Bringing Theory and Practice Together, May 13th & 14th, 2016

Location: Michigan State University

Food justice is a growing movement that has inspired both on-the-ground community projects and theoretical articulations across multiple disciplines. This workshop aims to help scholars and practitioners identify and address the challenges and opportunities in food justice, including issues surrounding food access, food sovereignty, agricultural and environmental ethics, and agricultural sustainability. The 2016 workshop will be held May 13th and 14th and include scholarly talks and visits to local environmental justice projects. The program for the conference can be found here, and you can register for the conference here.

The workshop is intended as a transdisciplinary space to forge connections between theories and between theory and practice, and all papers will be accessible to a public audience. Papers in the past have been informed by disciplines such as philosophy, anthropology, economics, gender and sexuality studies, geography, history, literary criticism, philosophy, sociology, and the human dimensions of agricultural and environmental sciences

The Food Justice Workshops bring together leading scholars on food justice from across the country as well as representatives of many food justice projects currently ongoing in Michigan. Project visits have included tours of Lansing Roots, the Allen Neighborhood Community Center, the MSU Student Organic Farm, and site visits with many excellent environmental and food justice initiatives in Detroit.

We would like to thank the Philosophy Department, Environmental Science & Policy Program, College of Arts & Letters, Environmental Philosophy and Ethics Specialization, W. K. Kellogg Chair in Agriculture, Food, and Community Ethics, and the Timnick Chair in the Humanities for their support of these workshops.